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About Us

Linda and Philippa
Sisters, sisters…
What made us choose chocolate?
…We love it of course! 

Linda & Philippa started their chocolate journey in 2004 and their handmade chocolate products have evolved over the years. 

Cocoapod produced the first chocolate block gift messages in the UK and these continue be a popular chocolate gift for all occasions. So many words and great sentiments can be made and created in a chocolate box as a thoughtful gift. 

As both sisters love colour this was added to the chocolates by using colourful transfers for a signature look.

Cocoapod prides itself on making a quality product, handmade with love, with care and attention to detail for each and every box of personalised chocolate block gift messages made. 

We hope that you will find our original handmade chocolates the best in the market and enjoy browsing our range. Please contact us if you would like any information