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What percentage of cocoa solids and milk solids do your chocolates contain?

Dark chocolate – cocoa solids 53%

Milk chocolate – cocoa solids 33%⁄ milk solids 21% 

White chocolate – cocoa solids 28% ⁄ milk solids 23% 

Cappuccino flavour – cocoa solids 30% ⁄ milk solids 22% 

Caramel flavour – cocoa solids 31% ⁄ milk solids 27%

How long from order to delivery?

All items are made to order and to the highest standards so please allow up 5 working days for delivery but in most cases it is quicker. This may be longer at seasonally busy times such as Christmas & Easter. If you need your order urgently please leave a message on the check out page and we will do our best to help

Where is your chocolate from?  It is best quality Belgian couverture chocolate.
 Are your products nut-free? The buildabox range is made from solid chocolate and contains no nuts but our workspace is not certified as a nut free environment so we cannot guarantee to be 100% nut free as there may be a chance of cross contamination.
 Do your chocolates contain soya? Yes, they contain soya lecithin. It is added during manufacture to lessen the viscosity of the liquid chocolate mass during processing.
 Does your chocolate contain wheat? The ingredients in the solid chocolate buildabox range contains no wheat products but we are not certified as wheat free.
 Is your chocolate gluten free? The ingredients in the solid chocolate buildabox range contains no gluten but we are not certified as gluten free.
 Is your chocolate organic? No.
 Do your chocolates have natural colours and flavourings?

The flavourings and colourings are natural in all the chocolate except for the lemon flavour which contains the artificial colour E132.

The transfer patterns contain colours, some are natural and some artificial. Please contact us directly if you would like to know more information about the colours.

 Are your chocolates suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Except for the dark chocolate all the buildabox chocolate products contain milk.
The dark chocolate contains no milk product as an ingredient but there may be traces of milk protein at the point of manufacture as we use other chocolates with milk there is always the chance of cross contamination occurring.

The strawberry chocolate and some pattern transfers contain cochineal E120 which may not be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ones suitable for vegetarians or vegans are marked with a (V).

 Should I keep my chocolate in the 'fridge?

Preferably not. Ideally a cool dry dark place is best. If the weather turns unseasonably hot then chocolate can be very well wrapped and put in the fridge. Not only does chocolate not like heat it also suffers from the damp conditions in a fridge so make sure it is sealed to keep out any condensation. The white bloom that appears occasionally can be caused by keeping chocolate in the fridge as the sugar crystals make their way to the surface of the chocolate. It may not look too good but can be eaten and may just taste a little grainy.

Keep chocolate away from strong smells too as it can absorb these.

Ideal conditions are a cool room temperature in a dark cupboard

 What is the shelf life of your chocolate? At least 6 months for the white chocolate and flavours. The dark and milk chocolate can be up to 18 months.
 Do you make sugar free or diabetic chocolate? No, all our products contain sugar.
 Do you deliver outside the UK?

On occasion. Please check our delivery details  or contact us for details on

 Can I order products for delivery to multiple addresses?

No. You may only select one delivery address per transaction.

We can set up a special payment for deliveries to several addresses for corporate clients on request

Pattern transfers with cochineal E120

Patterns marked with (V) are suitable for vegetarians

Pattern transfers with NO artificial colours

These pattern transfers have NO artificial ingredients OR cochineal

Bats; Bees; Bubble; Crescent; Fish; Football; Granite; Knit; Mono; Music; Ravens; Skull; Snowflake; Stars; Triangles; White rabbit.

Pattern transfers with hearts

Only 'love' on white chocolate is suitable for vegetarians as it uses an artificial colour

'Love' on milk and dark chocolate contains E120 (cochineal)

'Hearts' on all flavours contains E120 (cochineal)



 Cocoapod is open for business although orders may take a little longer than usual. Please contact us on if you would like any more information