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About Us

Linda and Philippa
Sisters, sisters…
What made us choose chocolate?
…We love it of course!

Are there people who don't?

We can't imagine what it must be like not to!

Our first thought was to open a shop and sell the wonderful chocolates that we had sourced in France… but we couldn't find a suitable local shop and the Frenchman wouldn't sell us his fabulous chocs anyway, (he needed them all for his own discerning clientele) so we decided the only answer was to make our own.

A course in chocolate making is a good way to start, so off we went, but that was definitely just the beginning…. We are continuing to learn with every new batch of chocolate that we ‘temper’.

What a wonderful name for a process that tests our own on occasion.

Tempering is the name for the heating and cooling of the melted chocolate to precise temperatures and only when done correctly will the chocolates have a sharp snap and shiny look.

Then our thoughts turned to design. We both love colour, texture, shape… and fun! We didn't want to make ‘serious’ small square chocolates where the flavour is so subtle it is for connoisseurs only. We wanted to have fun with shape and colour… but we didn't want to forgo the taste of good Belgian chocolate either.

So here we are showing you our chocolates. We hope that you will find them a little bit different from any you may have already seen.